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Review from Foxy digitalis

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Boe “Low Harbour”
Twilight Luggage
Boe is one Borre Myklebust, a solo artist employing an ofttimes raucous, frenetic percussion technique, punctuating those simultaneously angular and flowing skin pops with a conversational but sparse guitar and rumbling, volcanic bass eruptions.  Those bass bits often distort, leaving me to wonder if that was purposeful or part of the recording process.  I like to think the former because it gives the music, a free-jazz oriented record, an extra dimension of industrial character.   There’s also a fair share of metallic scrapes abrasive enough to send the kinder running into the next room to play their Jonas Brothers records and double-check that they have their purity rings on and that Boe isn’t using them as an orifice of aural fucking.
But back to the guitar.  Do we have a burgeoning Nels Cline on our hands?  No, this isn’t on that level, but the aesthetic sensibilities suggest that, with work and developed chops, these guys could be kindred spirits.
Plenty of outitude here to please improve junkies and free music enthusiasts of various ilk.   7/10 — P. Somniferum (16 June, 2009)

Boe – “Low Harbour”

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From Cracked


Boe – “Low Harbour”
The one thing that keeps repeating in my head while listening is a line from a Tom Waits song: “All I am asking is: How’s it gonna end?” In a more and more frenzied storm of noise, actually. And from there it becomes worse. What a wonderful ride!

Uvesen review in Musique Machine

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Self Titled [Twilight Luggage – 2011]

Uvesen is a recent project started by Andreas Brandal(Flesh Coffin, Hour of the Wolf) and Borre Myklebust (Boe). The pair create a curious mix of noise and electronic effects combined with percussion and guitars.  Seven tracks are represented here, each labeled I through VII.

There are plenty of highs and lows offered here; very jarring loud noise at one minute to almost relaxed, dare we say gentle, at the next.  Shadowy scenes are constructed with mechanical like ambient sounds giving the affair a dreamy sometimes celestial environment.  Improvisational, jazz-like drumming adds a dynamic burst of energy and rhythm.

Each piece has its own personality.  On IV the tone is more of a raw acoustic blues guitar riff blended with an unhurried drum pattern.  Yet on V the setting is an abstract, trippy one thrown together with jack hammer sounds and guitar feedback.  Yet through it all is a riotous throb of drum rolls.  Sound that gives the appearance of shimmering is heard on VII.  A seductive and somewhat mysterious industrial-like effect weaves slowly through a tangle of drums, guitar and percussion.  Every song seems to be a fantastic vibrating mass of sound that even when it is at its most earth shattering rumble can glide together seamlessly into a articulate composition.

Uvesen produce sounds that shift, move and absolutely burst through the speakers.  Softer, quieter moments merge with roaring blasts; sometimes through drums or guitars, others through electronic means.  This is not a project you can easily label as noise or experimental.  What is conveyed here is music plain and simple.  Yet at the end it is the sound of modern jazz and noise uniting to a create sounds that begged to be listened to.

Viktorya Kaufholz

Uvesen S/T

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Uvesen – S/T

01 I (6:04) 02 II (5:01) 03 III (4:09)   04 IV (4:27)   05 V (6:02)   06 VI (4:45)   07 VII (5:43)
Uvesen is improvisation/drone/noise with drums, percussion, guitars, synth and electronics from Børre Myklebust (Boe) and Andreas Brandal. This self-titled album is Uvesen’s first release. It will crawl in through your ear, infest your brain, and emerge as a two-headed monster. Consider yourselves warned.
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Last Breath

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Boe – Last Breath

01 Sea Of The Dead (6:52) 02 Current (6:40) 03 Dead Master (6:57) 04 Untertow (5:26) 05 Storm Is Coming (7:02) 06 Last Breath (8:27)
With “Last Breath” Boe concludes his trilogy of maritime madness that started with “Low Harbour” in 2009, followed by “The Haul” in 2010. Rusted clutter shifing through a restless black sea of improvisation based around guitar and percussion, flawlessy executed by Børre Myklebust, who through these three albums proves himself as a master of cinematic sounds.
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The Haul

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Boe – The Haul

  01 The Haul (3:45)   02 Last Fight (3:07)   03 On The Docks (3:43)   04 Blacksmith (6:18)   05 K-278 Komsomolets (7:48)     06 Fog Horn (7:26)
With “The Haul” Boe continues his saga of nautical nightmares. Through innovative use of drums and percussion he conjures up images of creaking ships drifting across a black sea to meet their certain doom. A malevolent presence lurks beneath the surface, and as you’re pulled under, from somewhere in the deep you can hear the muffled chant of damned souls trapped in sunken ships. There is a strong sense of the open vastness of the submarine world, but at the same time a claustrophobic feeling of being totally engulfed and devoured by the bottomless darkness. Enjoy this atmospheric and brilliant piece of improvisation.
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Low Harbour

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       Boe – Low Harbour


01 Black Sea 02 Sounds From Low Harbour 03 Sauls Barrow 04 Seven 05 Thieves 06 Transmission (1946)

We are very happy to be presenting an album from a local artist. “Low Harbour” is the debut album from Bergen’s very own Boe. His main devices are percussion, bass and guitars. The album is a collection of 6 improvised tracks.  Lean back and evoke black and white images of stormy weather, looming shadows and a misty old seaside town.

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Boe (aka Børre Myklebust) is a multi-instrumentalist from Bergen, Norway


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Uvesen is a collaboration between Boe and Andreas Brandal. Improvisation/drone/noise with drums, percussion, guitars, synth and electronics.