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Review from Foxy digitalis

Posted in Boe, Review on August 8, 2012 by boesounds

Boe “Low Harbour”
Twilight Luggage
Boe is one Borre Myklebust, a solo artist employing an ofttimes raucous, frenetic percussion technique, punctuating those simultaneously angular and flowing skin pops with a conversational but sparse guitar and rumbling, volcanic bass eruptions.  Those bass bits often distort, leaving me to wonder if that was purposeful or part of the recording process.  I like to think the former because it gives the music, a free-jazz oriented record, an extra dimension of industrial character.   There’s also a fair share of metallic scrapes abrasive enough to send the kinder running into the next room to play their Jonas Brothers records and double-check that they have their purity rings on and that Boe isn’t using them as an orifice of aural fucking.
But back to the guitar.  Do we have a burgeoning Nels Cline on our hands?  No, this isn’t on that level, but the aesthetic sensibilities suggest that, with work and developed chops, these guys could be kindred spirits.
Plenty of outitude here to please improve junkies and free music enthusiasts of various ilk.   7/10 — P. Somniferum (16 June, 2009)

Boe – “Low Harbour”

Posted in Boe, Review on August 7, 2012 by boesounds

From Cracked


Boe – “Low Harbour”
The one thing that keeps repeating in my head while listening is a line from a Tom Waits song: “All I am asking is: How’s it gonna end?” In a more and more frenzied storm of noise, actually. And from there it becomes worse. What a wonderful ride!